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Transform yourself at Tiger-Rock’s martial arts academy. Martial arts training, self-defense lessons, and life-skills classes for kids and adults in Tuscaloosa, Northport, and the surrounding areas!

Kids & Youth Martial Arts (ages 4-15)

Your child will grow confidence, develop respect for authority, and learn self-discipline in our kids martial arts class. We offer fast-paced lessons that are fun and exciting. It is a great way for kids to stay active, get healthier, and get stronger. Most important, though, is that the life skills they learn on our mat will be just as beneficial off the mat.

Adult Martial Arts

Physical fitness. Cardiovascular health. Toning of your body. These are just some of the benefits of taking an adult martial arts class at Tiger-Rock. You can get healthier, fitter, stronger, and faster with regular adult martial arts training at our academies.

Martial arts training, self-defense lessons, and life-skills classes for kids and adults in Tuscaloosa, Northport, and the surrounding areas!

Martial Arts

Undoubtedly, our martial arts classes are fun and exciting. Students at Tiger-Rock experience a training system that is a combination of ancient Korean martial arts traditions and modern advances in physical fitness. Altogether, participants enjoy a total workout that gets you fitter, stronger, and faster.

Life Skills

The lessons that you learn will help you focus, build confidence, and instill discipline. In all, these skills you pick up on our mat will have a tremendous, life-changing effect off of it. Plus, you will become more aware of your surroundings and better prepared for the unexpected.


We only teach real-world self-defense skills at our martial arts academy. Overall, our self-defense curriculum includes drills, exercises, techniques, and tips that focus on safety, awareness, and personal protection. In addition, we also provide anti-bullying education for our younger students.

  • Incredible Programs

    Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers four martial arts programs for different age groups. These programs are: Tiger-Cubs, Juniors, Teens, and Adults! Each program is designed to build on the cognitive and physical abilities of each age group.

  • Dedicated Instructors

    We have a wonderful staff of Certified Instructors that will help you achieve your martial arts goals. For this purpose, we make sure that our instructors actively train year-round. Emphatically, our team commits to helping you become the best martial artist you can be.

  • Competitive Opportunities

    Another reason to train with us: We have an active competition cycle with three tournaments per year. In fact, our tournaments bring together student competitors from across the region, state, and nation, respectively.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Without a doubt, flexibility is an important thing to consider when looking for a martial arts academy to sign up at. Due to you and your family’s on-the-go schedule, we try to make it convenient for you to take martial arts classes. That’s why we offer multiple classes throughout the week for all ages groups.

  • Tons of fun!

    Most important, martial arts is FUN. Lots, and lots of FUN. Students learn cool, amazing new things—things that they will be able to carry forward for life. Our classes are energetic and positive, with encouraging instructors and like-minded peers.

Frequently asked questions about martial arts and our Tuscaloosa & Northport Martial Arts academy

Is martial arts violent?

Understandably, some people find martial arts synonymous with “fighting”. However, that is NOT the case. Martial arts is more than just fighting. For instance, martial arts helps students stay fit, get stronger, and be more focused. Moreover, younger students learn important life skills such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we feel that martial arts is a vital form of education.

Is there a risk for injury? Is it safe?

Our kids and adult martial arts programs are very, very safe. Nevertheless, martial arts training can be hard. However, our certified instructors carefully demonstrate each form so that students can perform safely. At the same time, all instructors receive annual first aid training. Thus, you can be rest assured we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our participants.

With that being said, martial arts is indeed an athletic activity. There are certain risks with anything that involves athletics. But, martial arts is not anymore riskier than most other extracurricular athletic activities.

Do you lock me into a long term contract?

Unlike fitness chains, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts does not enter students into long term contracts. We believe that martial arts should be about you—your growth, your improvement, and your enjoyment.

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