A life-changing adult martial arts class

Physical fitness. Cardiovascular health. Toning of your body. These are just some of the benefits of taking an adult martial arts class at Tiger-Rock.

Plus, every class is fun and exciting. It is the perfect after work stress relieving workout. Let us help you transform yourself in ways you have yet to imagine.

A Tuscaloosa and Northport tradition since 1983

Grandmaster James Bailey opened Tuscaloosa’s first Tiger-Rock adult martial arts academy in 1983. Since then, Bailey’s Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has changed the lives of thousands of students by teaching life skills through martial arts.

At our academy, you can get healthier, fitter, stronger, and faster with regular adult martial arts training. In addition, we offer year-round competitions as a way to enhance your membership. We’re more than just a martial arts academy—we’re a community of martial artists!

Transform yourself with adult martial arts training

Gain confidence…

For many, martial arts is a new experience. In our adult martial arts class, you’ll pick up things on our mat you’d otherwise miss out on by just going to a gym. As you accomplish goal after goal, you build confidence. Confidence is a life-enriching quality that will help you on and off the mat.

Find your inner-strength…

As above, martial arts is something different for a lot of people. Many of the things we teach you, you will be doing for the first time. At first, it will seem challenging. However, as you learn the strikes, kicks, and forms we teach you, you’re going to discover things about yourself you didn’t know. In fact, many of our students tell us that martial arts training unlocked a level of inner-strength they didn’t even know they have!

Become more focused…

Our lives are hectic. Whether it is work, school, or parenthood (or all three!), we’re constantly on the move. Often, we can get overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated. When we lose clarity, we lose focus! At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, your Tuscaloosa and Northport martial arts academy, the techniques you learn on the mat will help you focus off of it. Martial arts is a great work out that helps relieve stress. As a result, you’ll be able to approach your day with greater clarity and focus!

Get healthier…

Did we mention that martial arts is a great workout? (We did, but we want to say it again!) Martial arts students make noticeable improvement in their physical, mental, and spiritual health. By taking martial arts classes, you can improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight, and relieve stress. Moreover, because martial arts is physically demanding, you will have to make healthier choices in your diet to really reap the benefits. In all, martial arts can help you transition towards a healthier lifestyle!

What to expect when taking adult martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Kicking and striking drills

A typical adult martial arts class in Tuscaloosa and Northport includes kicking and striking drills. These drills help you improve coordination, revitalize motor skills, and tone your legs and arms. In fact, many of our students have experienced additional improvements in flexibility!

Strength and conditioning

Martial arts is a physically demanding activity. Because of this, we incorporate various martial arts exercises to improve your core strength and improve your conditioning. Altogether, our martial arts training program can help you build core muscle strength and improve your physical endurance.

Self-defense training

A key motivator for students enrolling into our adult martial arts class is self-defense. Unfortunately, we live in an unpredictable world. In turn, it is important that we have important self-defense skills. However, self-defense is more than just fighting. We teach all aspects of self-defense, from poise and evasion to techniques that can be used to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Lots of fun

We can’t stress enough how FUN martial arts actually is. Our adult martial arts class is exciting, engaging, and energizing. Many of our students tell us that our Tiger-Rock adult martial arts lessons are their favorite part of the day. We’re big on being a welcoming community of martial artists.

Three reasons why you need to choose Tiger-Rock for adult martial arts training in Tuscaloosa and Northport

Three Convenient Locations

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has three locations in the area to serve you—East Tuscaloosa, Northport, and Hillcrest. You are never more than 20 minutes away from one of our martial arts academies.

Dedicated Instructors

Martial arts is not just a job to us—its our life. In fact, many of our staff are still actively training martial artists. We show our passion and dedication to martial arts teaching in every single lesson. We’re not drill instructors. Our instructor team focuses on what you do well and building from there.

Positive, Welcoming Environment

Many students are like you—embarking on a brand new transformation. That’s why our students are making new friends, working together, and learning as a group. Our academy encourages positive reinforcement and personal responsibility.

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