An amazing kids martial arts class in Tuscaloosa is now enrolling

Your child will grow confidence, develop respect for authority, and learn self-discipline in our kids martial arts class. We offer fast-paced lessons that are fun and exciting. It is a great way for kids to stay active, get healthier, and get stronger. Most important, though, is that the life skills they learn on our mat will be just as beneficial off the mat.

Our kids martial arts class in Tuscaloosa AL will transform your child

Before they enrolled their child into our kids martial arts class at Tiger-Rock, parents would often say the following about their kids:

  • They would have a lot of energy … but wouldn’t always be disciplined about it. In fact, they wouldn’t sit still!
  • Their child is super smart … however, would not apply themselves. Unfortunately, their grades began to suffer.
  • He would never follow directions … even after being I ask him over and over to do it!
  • She’s really shy and often times an easy target for bullies … Often, she would lack the confidence to stand up for herself.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be this way. And having your child take a kids martial arts class can go a long way in solving many of the issues listed above.


  • Our martial arts lessons are fun and exciting. Your child will take all the energy that they have and use it on the mat in a constructive way!
  • A key life skill we teach is self-discipline. Not only is it an important part of our lessons, but we also stress academic accountability.
  • Students in our martial arts class learn why it is important to follow instructions.
  • The lessons we teach on our mat go a long way to helping kids build confidence, strength, and self-respect.

Incredible kids martial arts programs for Tuscaloosa & Northport area students!

The Tiger-Cubs Program for 4- and 5-year-olds is our early childhood development curriculum. We teach these youngsters symmetrical movements and forms to help them develop their coordination and balance. Most important, though, is that these fun 30-minute lessons help kids learn how to follow directions!

The Juniors Program is for elementary school kids ages 6 to 11 years old. Students learn a variety of kicks, strikes, and other self-defense techniques. Moreover, we instill important life skills such as self-confidence, personal responsibility, and discipline. While these classes are fun and exciting, we do talk about serious stuff such as anti-bullying and stranger awareness.

And finally, the Teens Program is for middle school and high school students. Specifically designed for students 12 to 15 years old, these classes focus on helping adolescents and teens become confident, responsible leaders on and off the mat. In addition, students learn additional real-world self-defense techniques.

We offer these classes throughout the week with convenient afternoon times!

What happens after a few weeks of kids martial arts classes?
Well, you’ll see things such as…

  • Increased confidence! Students learn exciting new kicks, strikes, and techniques for self-defense. Then, as they learn more about martial arts, expand their skill set, and do things they’ve never done before—confidence starts building up!
  • Better behavior. All the time parents tell our instructors how much better behaved their kids are after taking martial arts classes. Why does this happen? Because at Tiger-Rock, we instill values of personal responsibility and respect for authority.
  • Better physical condition. Experts stress that kids need to stay active. And what better way to stay active is there than an exciting 30-40 minute martial arts class in the afternoon? Martial arts training helps kids with their cardiovascular health and weight loss. Plus our training helps build athleticism and core body strength!
  • Improved social interaction. Often, parents express concern that their child is shy and quiet—not engaging with peers. Then after training at our academy, students are making friends, being more social, and interacting with others. For many, martial arts help kids break out of their shell!
  • Setting goals. Goal setting is a very, very important life skill. And that’s one of the things we teach at Bailey’s Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Tuscaloosa and Northport. We want students to set goals, achieve them, set another, and reach that one, too. Altogether, it helps build confidence on and off the mat.

Why your need to enroll your child into Tiger-Rock’s kids martial arts classes!

Safe & Clean Location

We take pride in our academy. However, we want you to be proud to send your child to our academy. That’s why every single day, we do a top-to-bottom cleaning of our facility and our equipment. Our staff wants your kids to LOVE coming to our academy. And we want YOU to LOVE sending your child here!

Dedicated Instructors

Martial arts is not just a job to us—its our life. In fact, many of our staff are still actively training martial artists. We show our passion and dedication to martial arts teaching in every single lesson.

Positive, Welcoming Environment

Everyday at our academy, new friendships are being made. Students are learning the importance of working together and trusting one another. We’re more than just an academy—we’re really a community of martial artists, and we invite your child AND you to join our community.

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